I apologize for not posting sooner. I guess life just got very busy. Our little business just continues to grow. After an awesome Holiday bazaar season and doing in-store demos at the markets, we had a fabulous 2018.
In late January, we were contacted by the company who takes care of the Fred Meyer stores in Pacific Northwest. We have been working with them to be able to bring our ENTIRE line of 8 sauces & 6 rubs to every Fred Meyer store in Oregon, Washington, Idaho & Alaska.
So since February that has been our main focus to see that happen.
In the meantime, We got notification that one or more of our products have made it into the top 6 and will be recognized at the NBBQA Awards of Excellence that will be live streamed on April 4th on facebook. So if you read this please watch!
We will be at the conference the whole time, and will be taking classes, talking to others in the business, and making new connections. Then on the final day which is Saturday the 6th there will be a steak cookout competition, that I will be entering. And while in Kansas City, I plan on seeing my cousins and Aunt that live not far from there.
In the meantime, we are scheduling events to be a part of for the 2019 season including ones that we did last year. WE are also booking new ones and will begin to compete in local events and contests to learn another side of BBQ.
And we will be entering more contests to have our sauces and rubs compared to others in the industry. As well as developing some new products. We will be creating a SPG with rosemary, and 2 more sauces. they will be limited releases to see how they work and how people like them.
So, I do make it a goal to post about one a month from here on out.
Thanks for hanging with us