Saucy Minx BBQ Products

Our Products

Our products are all hand made from original recipes. Each has been tested and checked for balance of sweet, savory, and are full of flavor.

Two of our products are sugar free, using Agave and honey for sweeteners. Smoked Cherry Chipotle BBQ and Smoked Jalepeno Agave BBQ.

We smoke all of our peppers, fruit, and salts that are used in our products.

Our Wearable items are made from a local company Efferteez.


Our Sauce Line
Saucy Minx Attitude Dipping Sauce
Saucy Minx Honey Habanero
Saucy Minx BBQ Marionberry
Saucy Minx Roasted Garlic and Sweet Molasses
Saucy Minx Mocha Molé
Saucy Minx Smoked Jalapeño Agave
Saucy Minx Tangy Mustard


Saucy Minx BBQ Rubs
Saucy Minx BBQ Cheerin' Chipotle
Saucy Minx BBQ Pumpin' Poultry
Saucy Minx BBQ Flamin' Fury
Saucy Minx BBQ Rockin' Red
Sizzlin' Seafood


Saucy Minx BBQ Hoodie Front
Saucy Minx BBQ Hoodie Back
Saucy Minx BBQ Apron
Saucy Minx BBQ T-shirt