This past year has been a good one for us… The Saucekers were announced just a few days ago and this year we have won 4 awards.  This makes 11 awards won just this year!

Some may think this is just to boost my ego.  That is not it.  I do this to see how our sauces and rubs compare to others out on the market that have been doing it for years.  This past year we have entered 6 contests with our sauces and rubs.  Of the 6 I have won awards at 5 of them.

The latest awards are from The International Flavor Awards brought us an Amazing 3 awards!  A first Place for our Flamin’ Fury Rub, a Second Place for our Honey Habenero BBQ Rub, and a Third Place for our newest sauce, Smoked Peach Mango with Rum.

A few days ago we got word from The Saucekers.  Last year we won a second place and a third place.  This year we won 4 Awards!!! 1st place for Cheerin’ Chipotle Mocha Rub, 2nd place for Honey Habenero BBQ Sauce, 3rd place for Marionberry BBQ Sauce, and another 3rd place for Rockin’ Red Rub.

So of our 8 sauces, 6 have won awards and 2 have won multiple awards.  Of our 6 rubs, 3 of them have won awards, 2 of them winning multiple awards.  Judging of our products are very subjective.  We are at the whim of the folks tasting the sauces.  Each person has different taste buds and each sauce will taste differently to each person.  What have I learned through this process?  Well, I learned that we have a unique take on BBQ sauces and rubs.  Our sauce is very different from others.  Which makes some folks hesitant, but in all the in store demos and tastings we have done, we always convert them into wanting sauce with chunks.  It adds another dimension to the flavor and shows them that there are real ingredients in our sauce.

What makes these last 2 contests even more special is that we had other Oregon Sauce companies winning along side us.  Our friend from NW Elixers in Portland, Hoss Soss from Salem, and Best Damn BBQ from Salem.  In our opinion, small business need to help each other out and celebrate their successes, and especially when we are from the same state.

When we receive the new awards we will of course post a picture of them with their sauces and rubs.