A few months back we entered a BBQ sauce contest on a website called BBQ Sauce reviews.  It is billed as the Oscars of BBQ Sauce competition.  On September 4th we got the results when they were posted on the website.  2 of our sauces finished in the top 3 and each earned a medal and a certificate.  In the Mustard category, our Tangy Mustard took 2nd place, and Attitude Dipping Sauce took 3rd in the Specialty Sauce category.

In the fruit category Smoked Cherry finished 6th while Marionberry BBQ finished 9th.  In tomato Spicy, Honey Habenero finished 6th and once again, our Roasted Garlic Sweet Molasses came in last.  I am not sure why it wound up in the Tomato Spicy Category, but it is apparent that the East Coast and the South just don’t get the over the top garlic flavor, that is much loved on the West Coast.

Now we are new to competitions and this is our first year entering.  I think that it shows real promise that our sauces have done as well as they have against companies that have been doing it for years now.  We received an email that the awards are in the mail and when they arrive we will post pictures of them to share.