We had our booth at the Oregon State Fair again this year.  Same spot as last year.  This year it was Hot Hot Hot, and then the smoke rolled in.  We noticed that the crowds were less than they were last year.  We started out as a single booth, but after a few days in our neighbor was very ill from the heat and they moved his booth inside the air conditioned Jackman-Long building so we got to spread our wings a bit.  It made us a lot more visible.  11 days of 13 hour days can get to a person, so thankfully I had some awesome help this year in the form of the MacBean family.  Paula and crew came in and did an amazing job helping me out so I could go home and get rest and a decent meal that wasn’t out of a cooler once in a while.  My Coffee queen Beth Lewis at Backroads Brewing in Howell Prairie  kept me caffeinated on my way in each morning. and my awesome husband was my set up, expansion, and tear down crew, as well as taking a turn in the booth when I had to get somethings done.  I had a great volunteer in Jolee Harr Taylor, who came and helped me out so I could take a walk and stretch my legs.

We enjoyed meeting all the new folks that stopped by this year and loved seeing folks who came back from last year.  We unfortunately will most likely not be doing the State Fair next year, as there are some other events we have on our radar.  Hopefully all our will come out to those when we have a better idea and see us there.  Thank you all for a wonderful experience at the Oregon State Fair and we hope to see you all again soon.

Tyna Mays-Schey