This past weekend we participated in Homer Davenport days in Silverton.  It is the local hometown festival that celebrates our local celeb.  Homer Davenport was a political cartoonist, and brought Arabian horses to the area.  Every first weekend in August we use the entire weekend to celebrate.  Friday nights the whole town leaves their  business open a bit longer, and there is live music in the park as well as the arts and crafts fair that goes on the whole weekend.  Saturday morning is the classic car show, parade, and Lions Pancake breakfast in the park.  Booths are open to sell you their wares, and live music happens all day and evening long.  Then Sunday Morning is the Pancake breakfast and the couch races down main street.  Yes, you heard that right…..Couch races aka (the davenport race)  teams build a wheeled racer out of a couch and run like mad to finish first.

Well, now that you have a bit if history about our little festival, I wanted to share what we had been doing.  Because this event is in the town we are from, we participate by getting a booth and inviting folks to try our sauces & rubs.  We offer them for sale, and also let folks know where to buy more when they run out.  I was not expecting the results we had this year, mainly because you can now find us in    AND the Silverton Co-Op. along with 3 locations in Salem./ Keizer area, but folks overwhelmed me with their support of our fabulous products.  Since I was in the booth all weekend, meeting and greeting everyone, I missed out on the parade, car show, couch races and did not even get to visit other booths except for the few around me.  I had plenty of samples for folks and even the Old time Kettle corn folks stopped by and I gave them some Rockin’ Red Rub to do a batch of kettle corn with that was so dang good!  So a huge thank you to everyone who came to our booth to chat and even take home some goodies.

Our next event is the Clackamas County Fair on August 15-19th in Canby.  We will be in the Main Pavilion helping celebrate 5 Days of Fun!  We will have a new wearable item available at the fair this year.  We are having hats done with embroidery and they will be available to purchase.

so thanks for hanging with us and we hope to see you are the County Fair & Rodeo

In the meantime…. Grill On!