Today, we are officially on the shelves at Roths IGA stores.  To kick it off, I did a tasting at the Silverton store to celebrate First Friday in Silverton.  IF you don;t know what that is, in our little town of Silverton Oregon, the entire town keeps the sidewalks rolled out and businesses stay open a bit later, to enjoy the company of neighbors and friends.  At the local grocery stores, there are tastings of food products, beverages, and always friendly faces to be found.

To kick off our sauces being sold in the store, We set up a table and offered tastings of all our products that they are carrying.  The store even put them on special for the weekend.  So from 3pm to 6pm, I gave out tastes of the sauce to those who were wanting to try them, and assisted folks with getting them in their carts.

So if you are near a Roths IGA store, head inside to the condiment isle and find our sauces on shelves now.