This past month has been an exciting on for us here at Saucy Minx BBQ. So many wonderful things have been happening and continue to happen for us.  After a winter of talking with a Co-packing facility about having some of our sauces made and packaged for us, it finally became a reality.  We have talked with a few companies that bottle sauces for people, and one was just not a good fit for us as they really did not want to even talk with us.  Then at the State Fair last year, I had a woman approach us at our booth and asked who did our packaging.  When I told her we did it ourselves, she handed me her card and asked that I contact her when I was ready.  Fast forward a few months and I did contact her. I arranged to go our to their facility and see what they could do. They took me through the place, and I also met with the woman that is in charge of the processing.  Yes that is right, I went with a facility that is run by women.  Heather, the Vice President, and Ann is in charge of the processing facility.  these ladies were kind, helpful, and really all over getting my product completed.   In all this process was not a fast one.  Because I had to have labels done differently than how I currently had them done.  I had to come up with a HUGE chunk of money to cover the expenses that it would be to cover the cost.  So that meant contacting a bank for a business loan.  And for those that know me, that is scary for me as I hate to go into debt.  I have been living a cash only life for the past 15 years.  The only thing we finance are cars and the house.  To do this takes an incredible leap of faith.  It takes months of prayer and reflection to make sure you are not making a mistake.  Then there is label redesign, making the labels, making sure all the ingredients are purchased and delivered.

Then comes the big day of bottling.  this company was happy to have me there, especially as a first time bottler to make sure all the recipes turn out right.  When you scale up, there is always room for error.  And to correct them can be difficult.  But we managed to get it done.  Of course, then you have to have each recipe tested yet again, and get the sign off from the Canning Authority of Oregon, so you are following FDA regulations. But I have to say, it was exciting to watch and be a part of it.  If you have ever watched the discovery channel’s How Its Made, or Food Networks show UnWrapped.  Well it was the live version.

At the end of the day, we had 4 of our sauces produced, and as time and funds allow, we will get other flavors done as well.  For now the ones completed are Honey Habenero, Marionberry, Roasted Garlic Sweet Molasses, and Tangy Mustard.  Our goal is to get our Smoked Cherry Chipotle done next.

So if anyone is reading this and want to get their products to market, feel free to contact us and we will hook you up with the best co-packing facility in Oregon.