So what is Saucy Minx BBQ?  We are a manufacturer of handcrafted BBQ sauces and rubs made in Silverton Oregon.  We started making our sauces and rubs in 2011, although the Attitude sauce was born WAY back when Chef Tyna was 11.  We started small with the Honey Habenero, Marionberry BBQ and the Attitude Dipping sauce.  Then we experimented and came up with the Rockin’ Red Rub and the Poultry rub.

The biggest question we get is where the name came from.  Well, it was suggested 2 years ago that we needed to re-brand and change the name to sell BBQ sauce.  As we were spit-balling  names, the one I originally wanted was taken, and I had just recently watched one of my favorite movies, Love Actually.  And that is where the name came from.  I looked up the definition and it rang true.  Saucy Minx is defined as a Strong, Flirtatious, Courageous, Woman.

The company was started by Chef Tyna Mays-Schey and has been a one woman operation until now.  with the help of her husband and partner Ken, she has worked hard and diligently to get the company off the ground.  This past year, they have done community festivals, events and fairs allowing people to taste their fabulous sauces.

Our sauces are available online at, etsy, facebook marketplace, and at select retail outlets.  saucy minx square sign